I have been playing games on computers or consoles since 1983. I began on a Commodore 16 and went on to use a Spectrum 48, Spectrum 128, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500+, Commodore Amiga 1200, then onto PC where I played games as well as the original XBOX until I brought the XBOX 360 in September 2008. I upgraded to the XBOX One in February 2014. I still have an XBOX 360 and will occasionally use it. I originally bought a PC just so I could play Eye of the Beholder III.

I play a variety of genres although I am not overly good at them. I enjoy them and that is what matters. I don’t have a very high K/D (Kill / Death) ratio, in fact, it is more a D/K (Death / Kill).

My favourite genres are:

RPG games (Roleplaying games) like Neverwinter, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout 4.
Racing games like Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Rocket League
Telltale games like Batman Telltale, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones
Simulation like Elite Dangerous
Puzzle games like Unravel, Limbo, Layers of Fear
Some shooters like Payday 2, Overwatch, Titanfall
Open World games like GTA V, The Witcher III
Top-Down like Diablo III, Van Helsing, and Path of Exile

Occasionally I will stream something I am playing. My streaming is


I am also a game tester (I have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so can’t tell you what I am testing but they are usually AAA games), and I am an Alpha Level XBOX Insider.