About Them Gifs And Bots

The other day, I posted about not needing gifs and bots to be a streamer. Since I posted that, I have had a chat with more than a few streamers and come to the conclusion that you really DO need a bot. Not necessarily with all the bells and whistles, but with things that grab your attention.

With streaming, sometimes you are so engrossed in what you are doing, or you need a lot of concentration, that you don’t see when someone arrives or says hi, or hits the follow / host button.

Just having a sound or a pop-up to say Red_JaCk577 is now following you can get your attention to say thank you. Or a noise when ReddyPlayaWun hosts you can grab you quickly so you can appreciate what they have done. Having someone host you. or follow you is an honour.

I watched a youtube video a couple of days ago about the do’s and don’ts of streaming, and one of the things said, was there are a lot of channels out there, and this viewer chose YOU to visit. My ScottyBot makes a whoosh when someone arrives so I can see who it is. It also whispers to me who it is. I do not speak to that person until they speak to me. The reason for this is they may just want to stay and lurk. They may be the type of person who stays forever but doesn’t like to talk. Don’t force them to.

Another reason for a bot is to set a command that will repeat at regular intervals if you set them to. Things like rules, when you stream and other streamers who are part of a team or who regularly co-stream with you.

You don’t need to add games, but sometimes they are handy to have so your viewers can interact with one another. When I go onto a stream, there are times when the streamer is occupied and you find that part boring, so you play a little game and others join in.

There are two main bots, ScorpBot and ScottyBot. Both do roughly the same thing, and both are free to use. Donations give added extras though, but they aren’t necessary.

So, maybe as you are starting out, you may need to just talk and not worry about a bot, but as you get more and more, then bots become more and more useful. It is very rare to find a stream without one now. Mixer even has its own limited one called HypeBot.

It is definitely something to think about. I found a video by a streamer who gives information on how to start out. It may be worth checking it out.

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