A Book Battle Played Out

In books, there are sometimes battles. When these battles are put on to film, you want to feel like you are actually there.

But what if you could be?

Drew Wagar is an author of a few books, and has been given the task of writing the next book that coincides with the game Elite Dangerous.

his last book that coincided with the game was Reclamation which followed one main character, the daughter of an Imperial Ambassador, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren. At the end of the book, she was seen to be doing something unusual.

She has since given up the title and the name, and gone by the pseudonym she was given by the young pilot who rescued her – Salomé. The young pilot named her after his pet cat.

On Saturday 29th April 2017, Drew Wagar’s next book – Premonition comes to a head. He is leaving the final battle to be told by the players in the game.

So April 29th 3303 (game year) two sides will come together in battles the like that have never been seen before in the game, and very much likely, the whole gaming community. There are four commanders in Salomé’s group that have very sensitive data that could topple the major players in the game. It could spell the end of the Federation and the Empire. Or it could be a precursor to a galactic invasion. Either way, the Federation and the Empire have put a bounty on her head of Five Million credits. Each of her friends has a bounty of two million credits on them Only one of them needs to survive. This battle will be kind of cross platform. Three of the compatriots will be appearing on the PC servers, and one will be appearing on the XBOX servers.

I will be there in an Imperial Eagle trying to defend her friend Yuri, and make sure his data gets through. It is not going to be easy, and I imagine there is going to be a lot of destroyed ships at the end of it.

This is not a run and see what happens, this is an organised fight with everybody having roles to play. I am not a PvP (Player versus Player) gamer, so I have been given a scouting role.

It is going to be interesting. If you want to watch what happens, you can follow my feed on Saturday on my Beam channel HERE (or click the image at the side)

Drew Wagar also has a lot more inside information on what is going on. He will no doubt be tweeting a lot of it, so go follow him on twitter – HERE

Check out his website as well for more background – HERE.

planetary eclipse in the space

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